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Plans Professional Elite Unlimited Board Of
Deal metrics, transaction multiples, premiums paid & valuation discounts-DLOM & DLOC Yes  Yes Yes No
DCF rates, terminal multiples & growth rates, plus both deal termination fees & investment banking fees Yes Yes Yes No
Fair Value intangible asset amortization periods data (a $1,500 value) No Yes Yes No
Board of Directors compensation from Initial Public Offering (IPO) data (a $7,500 value) No No Yes Yes
$ Price Per User-U.S. Dollars $129/month or pay
annually and get a discount
$159/month or pay
​annually and get a discount
$499/month or pay
​annually and get a discount
$4,297 one time
annual payment
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Subscriptions are for 12 months long, but can be billed each month or once annually (except for the Board of Directors Compensation Only plan which is just offered with annual billing).


You get a 3% discount when you choose annual billing.


Accounts are flexible and can be transferred to another person during the contract period, such as when an employee moves firms or goes on an extended leave.


Plans can be upgraded at any time.

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